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Machine Shop Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Machine shop flooring needs to have the most robust protection built in. Not only do they need to be able to withstand the extreme weight of machinery, but also offer protection against impacts and spillages.

Benefits of Concrete Floor Finishes

Concrete Fusion can offer a range of floor systems that have been designed especially for machine shops and factories.

They can offer the following protection:
  • Spilled cutting oils, machining fluids
  • Dropped tools or parts
  • Heavy stationary or wheeled equipment
  • Heavy production loads and impact
  • Chemicals and moisture
  • Metal shavings and particulate

Protective Machine Shop Flooring for Various Facilities

As every single machine shop is unique in some form or another, every floor that we install has been specially designed for your particular facility. No matter what type of manufacturing your machine shop produces, we are confident that we can offer the protection you need.

Some of the different industries that have installed our floor systems are:
  • Heavy equipment manufacturing
  • Auto, truck and motorcycle parts and engine fabrication
  • Aerospace component and parts manufacturing
  • Industrial and educational research facilities
  • High school car repair classes
  • Technical school and skilled trades programs
  • Custom fabricating and repair businesses
  • A wide range of other production operations

Our expert technical staff will work with you to design a floor systems that suits your facility’s needs. Whether you need a repair to an existing floor, or a brand new installation, our staff have the expertise to ensure that your finished floor offer the right protection in the right places all within your budget.

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