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Control Room Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Designing an operational control center can be a challenging and expensive undertaking. At Concrete Fusion we can not only the normal protection for your flooring, but also an electro-static safe floor system that protects not only your equipment, but your staff as well.

Evolution of Control Rooms & Their Flooring

In days gone by, control rooms were large and filled with mechanical machinery. Today’s control rooms are filled with high-tech systems that are closely linked with specialized IT computers and machinery. These systems not only control manufacturing, but are also often linked to environmental controls for a whole facility. Concrete Fusion has a range of floor systems that have been designed with these environments in mind.

We are able to offer flooring that has built-in protection for electrostatic dissipative (ESD) control that along with other forms of protection:
  • Protects against potential static electricity hazards
  • Is chemical resistance
  • Offers protection against moisture and other fluids, and is stain resistant
  • Provides high resistance against abrasion
  • Provides consistent removal of static electricity from surrounding environment
  • Contains zero formaldehyde that has low to zero emissions post installation
  • Can have both ESD and conductive properties, fully compliant with ESD Association guidelines
  • Is fully compliant with fire regulations
  • Endlessly customizable finishes available for improved aesthetics
  • Low cost, easy cleaning and maintenance

Security Flooring for a Variety of Facilities

Concrete Fusion understands the importance of electrostatic dissipation and the effects it can have on control rooms. This is why we have designed floor systems with this specific protection built into our floors. For more information of which flooring options are best suited to your facility, call our expert staff today.

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Our floor systems are commonly used in the following environments:

  • Heavy industrial manufacturing and fabrication businesses
  • Oil refineries and chemical plants
  • Computerized data centers and network operating centers
  • Customer service call center monitoring facilities
  • Television production and sound recording studios
  • Theme parks and entertainment venues
  • Large universities, hospitals and major research facilities
  • Nuclear and other power-generating stations
  • Airport air traffic control departments
  • Rapid transit train and bus systems
  • Various armed forces and military contractor operations
  • Government research labs, NASA and other cutting-edge mission control centers
  • Regional or metropolitan police, fire and EMT call centers
  • High security prisons

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