Decorative Concrete For Cannabis Retail Stores

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Decorative Concrete For Cannabis Retail Stores

Installing decorative concrete in your retail location is a great way to attract a lot of attention and bring people into your business. It is one of the best materials to use to signal to your customers your store is upscale and will draw customers to your store.

Polished Concrete Provides Surgical Cleanliness

In the retail cannabis space clients are looking for clean establishments to make their purchases. With most users of retail cannabis facilities being under the age of 45 it is important that your storefront be trendy too. With a polished concrete floor you can achieve a super clean look while appearing cool, trendy and modern to people passing by your shop. All this with just the floor you choose!

Advantages of Polished Concrete for New Retail Stores

Polished concrete is becoming the go-to flooring option for most retail locations. Since the subfloor of retail facilities is poured concrete the material is there and ready for us to pour a thin underlayment. Our floors can be installed faster than most other alternatives available to retail stores. This helps us keep costs low while allowing the business to start setting up shelves, lighting and displays and carefully take the time to display the products.

Long Term Durability

When you combine the novelty of cannabis retail stores and the popularity of the products being sold, cannabis retail store requires a floor that can withstand a significant amount of foot traffic. Using a strong epoxy top-coat your floor is sealed to protect them for years to come. We also ensure the surface is prepared extremely well by scarifying the concrete and removing all dust, dirt and debris before placing the top coat.

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Main Steps of Laying Polished Concrete Flooring

Shot Blasting

A special machines shoots little metal into the surface and sucks them up using a vacuum. The process scars the floor which provides a ton of surface area for the coating to adhere to. It also removes any dirt, glue and other debris that could hurt the floors finish.


On the foundation we pour an underlayment that does two things, first it provides a smooth level surface and second it provides a nice uniform concrete that looks nicer than the rough foundation concrete.


Top Coat – The top coat is very important in the finish of your floor as well the longevity. There are so many products to choose from (100% solids, epoxy, polyurea, polyaspartic, water-based, etc.) that it is best to consult experts who can recommend the right product for each environment.

Maintenance Requirements For Retail Floor

Concrete floors are far easier to maintain than other floors (mainly carpet and wood). WIth concrete there is no real maintenance schedule. When the floor becomes dirty you can wash it using household cleaners, a mop or a floor cleaning machine. Others floor require regular vacuuming, polishing and or waxing. Not to mention any damage or stains can scar other floors but with a retail concrete floor it simply adds character. With our low-maintenance cannabis retail flooring choices you can focus on selling products and not you cleaning schedule.

FREE No obligation Quote For Retail Stores

Your flooring should be attracting customers by enhancing the look of your retail store while adding functionality by eliminating maintenance, reducing cleaning time and providing a monolithic spot to display almost anything. To renovate your retail floor today call Concrete Fusion for a FREE no obligation quote.

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