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Pharmaceutical Cannabis Flooring

Medicinal marijuana facilities must meet strict standards set by Health Canada. Regulation is aimed at keeping products safe for human consumption and to ensure effective treatment as well. Concrete Fusion offers flooring options that meet or exceed these regulations. Our floors are designed to offer clean areas to grow, store and distribute medicinal marijuana products.

Pharmaceutical Flooring

Medicinal Cannabis comes in more forms than flowers or buds which are typically consumed through smoking. Oils, tinctures and pills are manufactured that separate marijuana pharma facilities from regular growing operations.


When pharmaceutical companies manufacture medicine they use chemicals and solvents that spill on floors. These substances can be corrosive and damage your floor creating an unsterile environment. Working with Concrete Fusion we design a flooring system that can withstand any spills in a pharmaceutical facility.

Epoxy floors are seamless and bonded directly to the foundation of your facility

Other products like tile or laminate are glued down and have seems which if they separate create hazards for workers and if they don’t separate they provide space for dirt and bacteria to flourish.

Our floors are mechanically and chemically resistant to anything your operation can throw at it. This is why Concrete Fusion is such a good fit for medicinal marijuana pharmaceutical companies. Our product is suitable for production lines, research facilities, laboratories, warehouses and more.

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We can design a system for your pharmaceutical facility that meets all FDA and Health Canada requirements. There is no obligation and our solution is customized to guarantee results based on the products and specifications of your business.

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