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Cannabis Growing Facility Flooring

Concrete Fusion offers high-performance flooring options for marijuana, cannabis growing facilities. Our products are 100% Solids and have minimal odour and low-VOC which means your operation can be functioning faster. This also means upgrading other areas won’t grind your production to a halt.

Coatings That Prevent Bacteria

Growing facilities require safe working conditions, surgical cleanliness and a smart floor to match these demands. Areas with ample light, high humidity, high temperature, and moisture are breeding grounds for bacteria and microbes. Our floors help fight these risks in 2 ways. First, since our floors have no gaps and seams there is nowhere for the moisture to hide. This allows for fast drying and less growth. Second, our top-coat includes an anti-microbial admixture which helps fight bacteria and microbes from destroying your crop!

A Decorative, Clean & Functional Floor

Increased Worker Safety

Your floor shouldn’t stop at being gorgeous and easy to clean, it should serve a purpose as well. Our coatings are non-slip which increases worker safety, especially in wet environments. The seamless nature of our flooring product reduces tripping hazards and accidents waiting to happen.

Graphical Information/Inlays

Imagine if your floor was functional too. With a customized floor your growing facility can inform workers of dangers, where to store products and other informative graphics that you require.

Better Performance

When it comes to growing marijuana light is required. Our floors boost growing performance by increasing the ambient light available for your plants. Our high gloss top coat reflects lights which reduce costs and increase yields when it comes to harvesting your cannabis crop. Floors at grow ops are exposed to water, fertilizer, dirt and more. Concrete Fusion floors are tough enough to handle exposure to chemicals, moisture and debris.

Our concrete flooring options can be installed in not just your grow room but also:
  • Hallways
  • Entrances
  • Bathrooms
  • Offices
  • Warehouse
  • Cultivation Area

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The major players in cannabis growing are choosing polished concrete and epoxy coatings for their flooring system. Choose the smart option when installing floors in cannabis growing operations. We offer a free quote and can discuss what options are available for your business today.

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