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Cannabis Infused Food Production Flooring

As cannabis regulation in Canada rolls out edible marijuana products are going to be legal soon and demand for a product that doesn’t need to be smoked will surge. Businesses are waiting anxiously to fill the demand for these products. Regulations on these products must satisfy Health Canada and CFIA in multiple categories and your facilities floor is not exempt. The good news is that Concrete Fusion offers a flooring solution that satisfies all the regulations and can help you provide a safe high-quality product to your consumers.

Similar to Food Manufacturing Requirements

As one might expect the requirements for edible cannabis is similar to the requirements of most food preparation industries.


Wall to floor covering – Must be applied and provide a moisture barrier and washdown requirements. Coving should have a seamless ⅜” radius in compliance.


Slope – The water used for cleaning the area must properly drain at a rate of ⅛” per foot.


Easy to Clean – Flooring option must be designed for regular hot water cleaning and be resistant to chemicals as part of a facility wash down procedure.


Anti-slip – coatings must be applied to promote a safe work environment and it is recommended to go up the walls ~6”.

Problems with other flooring options

Vinyl and tile aren’t ideal for food preparation areas. The frequent exposure to water and wash downs eats away at the glue and seeps under the tiles. As vinyl peels, it creates tripping hazards and creates an environment for bacteria, mould and microbes. Tiles don’t fare much better as the grout promotes bacteria growth and tiles break from foot traffic and punctures.

Resistant To Chemicals

Our high performing polished concrete floors are resistant to any chemicals, alkalines, acids, and preservatives that are used in your edible cannabis products.

Polished Concrete Coatings Are Designed For Food Preparation Industry

Concrete Fusions flooring choices are perfect for food preparation facilities, food manufacturing, kitchens and now the edible marijuana industry. The smooth and seamless monolithic design is perfect for frequent washdowns that don’t give bacteria a chance to grow. The surface is non-porous which means no moisture can get underneath the top coat.

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Starting a manufacturing facility for producing edible marijuana is a big endeavour. With regulation from CFIA, Health Canada and the provinces, you’ll have a lot to think about. When it comes to the flooring choices available to you, Concrete Fusion has all the options covered to keep your facility inspection ready so you can produce more cannabis treats – pending legalization of course!

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