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Aerospace & Avionics Flooring Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Aerospace and avionics flooring has some unique requirements to other types of flooring. These environments are often submitted to extremely heavy loads, and strong chemicals. Our floor systems can offer you the protection you need at a cost to suit your budget.

Aerospace Facility Flooring

The aerospace industry is made up of an enormous mix of industries, and as such need very specialized environments. Concrete Fusion is proud of its track record of installing floor systems that can cope with the demands of multi-disciplinary teams.

Epoxy Floor Coatings for Avionics – The Electronics of Aviation

Electronics play a large part in the aerospace industry from navigation systems for planes through to control systems for satellites. Concrete Fusion has a choice of floor systems to help with keeping the environment safe for work on these systems to be completed. Our electrostatic dissipative industrial epoxy floor systems help protect both your equipment and staff. We can supply floor systems for a clean-room environment that once cured, is completely inert and has no residual emissions.

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