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Helicopter Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

When there is a need to move people or goods quickly and space is limited, then the choice is more often towards the use of helicopters. While similar to planes, helicopters have their own specific requirements when it comes to environments. Concrete Fusion has the experience of installing high-performance floors for use by helicopters. Our products will help to give you the specific protection you need, which reducing costs with their easy to clean and maintain surfaces.

Helicopter Flooring for Speed, Agility & Flexibility

Like runways, helicopter landing areas can often make for challenging environments to create a surface that is safe to land on. In addition to the weight bearing protection the floor needs, these areas need to be highly visible, and have clear unambiguous markings. With the right design, our floor systems can help increase efficiency, and reduce costs, along with providing you with the protection you require.

Hangar Floor Coatings for Visibility & Protection

Helicopter landing areas must be provide high visibility for the pilots landing, often with a large reflective letter “H” in the center of a circle. They also need to have a lot of information within the landing area so the pilot can tell whether they are safe to land. In accordance with FAA and local regulations there needs to be touchdown and lift off (TLOF), final approach and takeoff (FATO) clearly visible, along with size and weight limitations.


Concrete Fusion will work with you to ensure that your floor is designed to your exact requirements.

Some of the benefits of using our floor systems are:
  • Outstanding colorfastness
  • UV stability outdoors
  • Superior bond strength and impact resistance
  • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding compressive strength and point load capacity
  • Two hour cure time
  • Fast and easy re-coating, when needed

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