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Airport & Concourse Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Often, the initial impression of a customer is from a building’s floor. Airports, train and bus terminals endure extremely high foot-traffic which can result in a dirty, scuffed look to a floor. Our epoxy floor systems can offer a protection that leaves a floor looking as new as the day it was installed irrespective of the amount of foot-traffic it is exposed to.

Innovative Airport Flooring for Changing Needs

With improved technology, the layout and space usage of many airport terminals is changing. This often requires directing passengers through a specific route without the use of manpower. Despite the increased efficiency of moving passengers along, there are more holdups due to increased security that is causing foot-traffic in different places than it used to be. When building a new airport, or reconfiguring an old one, the look and quality of flooring is critical to the efficiency of the environment.

Our specially designed epoxy floor systems can offer you protection, improved efficiency, and reduced costs:
  • A floor that is uniquely designed for your environment
  • The strength to withstand high impacts from luggage
  • Resistance to abrasion from luggage carts and other vehicles
  • The durability to remain looking good for a long time
  • Abrasion resistance against baggage carts and luggage
  • Variable degree of anti-slip
  • Identified walkways, and vehicle lanes
  • Completely customizable finish, incorporating the design of your choice

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Flooring Throughout the Airport & Around the World

Airports have many businesses and activities happening within their environment, and as such, they need a wide variety of floor finishes.

From hotels to baggage areas, Concrete Fusion have the floor that meets your requirements:

  • Ticketing halls
  • Security check areas
  • Boarding lounges and seating
  • Stairways and corridors
  • Baggage claim areas
  • Concessions and restaurants
  • Executive lounges and club rooms
  • Conference centers
  • Retail shops and boutiques
  • Public restrooms

Behind the scenes in airports there is a multitude of staff that carry-out varied activities, all of which have different requirements

We offer a large choice of flooring to suit:

  • Airport administration offices
  • Catering facilities
  • Air traffic control
  • Locker and changing rooms
  • Baggage screening and handling
  • Utility and mechanical rooms
  • Storage and operations

Our fast-cure, low odor and anti-microbial floor systems are available in an incredible variety of finishes. Whatever your requirement you can be assured that Concrete Fusion has a solution.

To find out more about our Airport & Concourse Flooring services for concrete floors,

call (613) 714-0656 or fill out an online request