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Car Dealership & Showroom Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Car and truck dealerships have a unique set of requirements. They need a floor that reflects well and looks as good as their vehicles. Without the right finish, floors can becomes stained and damaged due to the high level of punishment they receive from heavy loads being wheeled across them. Our floor systems not only offer protection against heavy loads and constant abrasion, but also have a high level of finish that will complement your fleet of vehicles.

Epoxy Floor Finishes for Various Showroom Areas

Concrete Fusion’s epoxy floor finishes offer a beautiful environment that remains looking good despite the punishment it receives:

  • Automobile Showrooms
  • Motorcycle Display Floors
  • Truck& Trailer Retail Areas
  • Vehicular Equipment Showrooms
  • Customer Waiting Areas
  • Public Restrooms
  • Administrative Offices

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Showroom Flooring Solutions for All Budgets & Tastes

The environment of a showroom is almost important as the stock of vehicles. If a floor looks stained and dirty, then that reflects on the level of professionalism of a showroom. Having a high-gloss finish to your showroom floor will add to the impression of high-value vehicles, giving a welcoming, pleasant environment for your customers. Out highly-skilled technicians will work with you to help you choose which options you need for your particular showroom environment. Once you have decided which protection you want, then we can help with the “look and feel” factor of your showroom. All of our floor systems are able to be customized in the way they are finished, whether that’s the texture, or the design.

Our vehicle showroom floor options offer a wide variety of choice:
  • Hybrid flooring — we can offer flooring choices that are different for each designated area within your showroom.
  • Large variety of colours and blends — whether it’s a solid colour, or a design that has a multi-faceted finish, we can accommodate almost any request. We are even able to incorporate logos, and abstract designs into our finished floor.
  • Chemical resistant finishes — our epoxy floor finishes have a strong resistance to industry chemicals, or strong cleaning products.
  • Impermeable surfaces — our moisture repellant floor finishes means that liquids just sit on top and so are easily cleaned.
  • Anti- slip surfaces — we can offer a range of anti-slip finishes that vary in the degree of resistance. These finishes are as easy to clean as all our other floor systems, keeping maintenance down to a minimum.

To find out more about concrete floor finishes in Car Dealerships & Showrooms,

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