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Hangar Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Flooring for hangars comes with its own special specifications and requirements. Concrete Fusion has a range of floors that are designed with efficiency and safety in mind to meet those requirements.

Air Hanger Epoxy Floor Characteristics

Light Reflectivity

Light reflectivity can improve visibility in any environment, but this can be especially important for hangars where getting the correct lighting can present problems. Floors with high reflectiveness can help to reduce energy consumption by reducing the number of lights required. Improved visibility also means that dropped objects can be easily found, and so increases the efficiency of both staff working on aircraft, and the cleaners who keep your floor in tip-top condition.

Chemical Resistance

Special aviation fuels and hydraulic fluids like Skydrol can create extreme damage to a floor that doesn’t have the right protection. Our specially designed floor systems offer strong protections against these chemicals, as well as more normal lubricants, hot tires and corrosive clean-up liquids.

Abrasion Resistance

As well as offering protection against tire marks, our floor systems also protect against tools and equipment that is dragged across a floor.

Bond & Tensile Strength

Air crafts are heavy, and that weight is often concentrated in small surface areas. Our epoxy flooring has been especially designed with hangars in mind. It is tenaciously bonded to the concrete substrate enabling it to withstand extreme loads while still having sufficient flexibility to be the perfect floor for hangars.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Hangar floors can cover a large area, and the cleaning and maintenance can become cumbersome and expensive. All our floor systems are easy to clean and come with low maintenance requirements.

Color Selection

The variety of colors available in our range is second to none. From solid colors to a multicolor finish, all are possible with Concrete Fusion’s products. We can create different finishes within the same floor. Color selection goes hand-in-hand with getting the right light reflectivity.

Striping & Markings

Discrete areas can me marked out on the floor, whether that’s for traffic or foot lanes, or specialized parking or work areas. These markings are also finished to the same high degree of our main floors.

Decorative Elements

Many businesses now incorporate decorative elements to their hangar environments. Concrete Fusion has a range of options to allow for simple delineating lines through to incorporating company logos and designs within the floor. It is even possible to include messages in the floor surface; these can be useful to either instructions or company messages.

Electrostatic Dissipation

Many hangars contain expensive electronics, sensitive avionics or explosive materials that require additional precautions to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel. Concrete Fusion offer reliable electrostatic dissipative and conductive flooring systems that has been designed with these requirements in mind.

Moisture Issues

Untreated flooring can be a cause of major issues in a hanger environment. Our moisture vapor transmission (MVT) flooring is designed to protect you from any potential problems with unwanted moisture.

Slip Resistance & Easy Maintenance

Concrete Fusion can offer a variety of fine aggregates, to create a customizable anti-slip surface. These surfaces, like all our floors, are easy to clean and maintain.

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Where Are Hangar Floor Finishes Used?

These types of floor systems are used within the flowing facilities:
  • Airports and heliports
  • Fueling environments
  • Flight schools
  • Aircraft storage facilities
  • Aircraft sales, rental and maintenance facilities
  • Any other type of fixed base operations facility dealing with aircraft

Safety and Value of Epoxy Floor Finishes

Concrete Fusion is trusted by many aviation organizations to provide and maintain their floors. Our skilled technicians have many years of experiences in repairing, maintaining, and installing floors for this industry.

Our high-performance floors are used in:
  • Commercial Passenger Airline Hangars
  • Cargo Fleet Hangars
  • Corporate Hangars
  • Airborne Law Enforcement Units
  • Aircraft Assembly Lines
  • Federal and Local Government Hangars
  • Military and Defense Department Hangars
  • Helicopter Hangars
  • Aerospace Hangars

To find out more about concrete floor finishes in Hangars,

call (613) 714-0656 or fill out an online request