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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Medical Laboratory Flooring

Medical Laboratory Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Flooring for medical laboratories needs to offer fairly specialized protection. Concrete Fusion has a range of floor systems that have been designed to be installed in these environments. From ensuring that hygiene levels are kept high, to protection against chemical spillages, our floors can give you what you need.

Floor Coatings to Meet the Demands of Labs

Trying to keep a laboratory environment clean and free of damage is a challenge that we can help with. Our floor systems have been design for just this type of challenge. Concrete Fusion floor systems can offer protection against chemicals (including acids), static electricity, heavy impacts, and yet still be easy to clean and maintain.

The floor systems that we recommend for medical laboratories have been specially designed to offer:

- Betadine stain-resistant finishes available for continuously clean appearance

- Resistance to biocides and other chemicals, even in bio-hazard areas

- Customizable slip-resistance for maximum personnel safety

- Resistance to puncturing and impact

- Ability to withstand high foot and cart traffic, and mobile modular furniture

- High compressive strength to support heavy machinery and equipment

- Formaldehyde-free with low VOCs during installation

- Inert with no emissions after fully cured for excellent indoor quality

Custom Flooring Solutions and Easy Maintenance

To ensure that your laboratory is as hygienically clean as possible, we can offer custom epoxy coating options for maximum performance. Every single one of our floor systems can be made to provide a seamless floor to cove surface, so eliminating anywhere for bacteria and germs to thrive. Due to the liquid repellant nature of our flooring cleaning is a quick and easy task. You’ll not only save on costly cleaning products, but also on staff time.

As every medical laboratory is different, we can tailor our floors to provide the exact protection you need, or for multi-use facilities we are able to incorporate all the different types of protection.