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Bar & Nightclub Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

For bar and nightclubs, the look and feel of the environment is almost as important as the durability of a floor system. With Concrete Fusion’s wide range of customizable floor systems, you can have both. Our floor systems come with high levels of protection that have been designed with your environment in mind. Our expert technical staff can work with you to ensure that your floor fits in with whatever designs you have in mind for your facility.

Using Flooring to Create the Right Mood for Bars & Nightclubs

Trying to find a floor system that offers the needed protection against damage, yet can still look unique to your business can be a challenge. Bars and nightclubs need to offer an atmosphere that is relaxing yet energetic, but also be a safe place to people who are sometimes the worse for wear. There are often spillages that could cause slip hazards, and even footwear that can damage the floor.

Concrete Fusion can offer floor systems that protect against spillages and damage while at the same time help provide the right atmosphere for your business. The flooring is water resistant, meaning that it can be cleaned quickly and easily with minimal fuss. Our floors also offer strong resistance to abrasion caused by heavy foot-traffic, even if those feet are wearing stilettos.

We recommend our flooring for many different types of environments within the bar and nightclub industry:
  • Beverage service and bar areas
  • Cozy conversation nooks
  • Dance floor spaces
  • Patron restrooms
  • Entry areas and coat checks
  • Back-of-the-house and storage rooms

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Exceptional Epoxy Floor Finishes

Floor systems for bars and nightclubs need to versatile enough to be used for a variety of functions.

Our floors have that flexibility in offering all the protection you’ll need as well as being economical to clean and maintain:
  • Varying degree of anti-slip to provide a safe environment.
  • Moisture repellant enabling quick and easy cleaning
  • High resistance to the abrasion of heavy foot or cart traffic
  • Protection against chemicals and other fluids
  • Resistance against impacts, both physical and thermal
  • Maintain high standards of hygiene with our antimicrobial floor options
  • Enjoy low cost of ownership. Our floor systems are quick and easy to clean and maintain, they save you time and money. Repairs can often be carried out within a day and be available for use within 2 hours.
  • Long life lasting many years longer than other floor types.

Flooring for Food & Kitchen Prep

These days, many bars and nightclubs are offering an option of having food during a night out. Concrete Fusion has a range of floor systems that have been designed for the catering industry. These floors have built-in protection against all the activities that take place in a commercial kitchen. All of the floor systems that we recommend for these environments are CFIA compliant.

Design Benefits of Concrete Floor Sealers

Concrete Fusion’s wide ranges of floor systems not only offer the protection you may need, but can also help with creating the right atmosphere for your business. There are literally an endless variety of design finishes to our floor systems.

  • An endless variety of colours available, from solid to multi-faceted.
  • Design a floor that is unique to you. Logos, patterns and messages can be incorporated into your floor.
  • Choose from our different blends of chips and quarts. You can choose from a matte finish to high gloss.
  • Have a different look and protection for different zones by incorporating patterns and messages, all within the same floor

Our expert staff will work with you to help you design the floor that fits in with your lighting, look, and feel. We enjoy a challenge, so no matter what your design, we are sure we can come up with a floor finish that complements it.

To find out more about concrete floor finishes in Bars & Nightclubs,

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