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High Performance Casino Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

The floors in today’s casinos are like chalk and cheese compared to one of years gone by. The challenges that face current casino owners are wide ranging. They need to offer an environment that is relaxing and pleasant, yet also offer the protection against health and safety hazards.

The Challenges of Casino Flooring

Every casino business wants an environment that is different to their competitors, that means designing a facility that not only offers the required protection, but is also unique to you. Concrete Fusion can offer all the protection you might need, and work with you to produce a finished floor that makes a statement about your business that is unique to you.

Our wide range of floor systems offer:
  • Durability for many years
  • Resistance against food and drink spillages
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Resistance against chemicals and solvents
  • Varying degrees of anti-slip protection
  • Fast installation with low to zero emissions and odors

Casino Flooring Selection

Many casinos are now created along a theme, whether that be of a place or time in the past, present, or future. The challenges faced in designing these environments can be immense, with multiple levels and slopes.


Concrete Fusion has a range of floor systems that can be finished with an endless variation of look and feel. Our expert staff can work with you in creating your design so that your floor will fit into the rest of your environment, complementing it rather than just being something to walk on. We have an infinite range of colours to choose from, along with different textures and finishes. All our floors offer excellent value for money with their low cleaning and maintenance costs.

Creating a Cohesive Casino Appearance with Epoxy Flooring Systems

Our epoxy flooring not only offers the protection against damage, eliminates many health and safety hazards, but will also go a long way toward helping you create that unique look and feel for your casino. We can incorporate any logo or design pattern that you need, and even include messaging for information, directional, or safety purposes.

To find out how we can help create that unique environment for your casino, talk to our friendly, expert staff today.

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