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Freezer Flooring & Walk In Cooler FloorSystems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Restaurants with freezers and coolers are responsible for ensuring their environments meet the strictest of health and safety regulations. When choosing a floor for these areas the number of regulations can be like walking through a minefield. All of the floor systems that we recommend for use in these environments meet every health code requirement, and CFIA certified. When you choose one of our floors, you can rest assured you have the protection you need, and so can concentrate on the design.

Seamless Monolithic Resinous Flooring vs. Grouted Tile Floors

Two of the most popular choices for walk-in freezers and coolers are concrete and tiling. While tiling may appear inexpensive to begin with, it does leave you open to high maintenance and cleaning expenses. The grout between tiles can be porous, which means that anything spilled on it will be absorbed. This will create unpleasant odors, or worse, a perfect environment for bacteria and germs to breed. Once water has been absorbed into grouting joints, then they will start to cause further damage as it expands and contracts due to temperature changes.


Concrete Fusion’s range of floor systems for freezers and walk-in coolers offer one seamless floor to cove surface. With its water repellant properties there is nowhere for water to go to cause damage. Any spillages or moisture build-up can be simply wiped away.

The Right Flooring for Walk-In Coolers

Concrete Fusion can offer a variety of floor finishes for walk-in coolers. Theses floor systems are non-toxic, inert, and impervious to moisture and other fluids. Contact our expert staff today to find out more about the different floor systems that we recommend for walk-in coolers.

By choosing one of our floor systems you can enjoy benefits such as:
  • CFIA Compliant
  • Zero V.O.C., solvent-free
  • 100% Formaldehyde free
  • Impermeable, with a monolithic surface, including integral cove base
  • Available in moisture tolerant options
  • Able to be installed in cooler or even below freezing temperatures
  • Fungistatic and bacteria-free

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  • Available in the smooth or very easy to clean “orange peel texture” slip-resistance that inspectors favor
  • Resistant to staining, acidic or caustic food ingredients, and harsh cleaners
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Available in low odor systems
  • Available in pressure washing resistant and steam-cleanable systems
  • Available in options that have the ability to withstand extreme thermal shock/ thermal cycling
  • Quickly curing for fast turnaround and minimum downtime, with some systems being ready for equipment move-in after only two hours

To find out more about concrete floor finishes in Freezers or Walk-in Coolers,

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